About This Project


ExpertLEI is a JAMstack e-commerce website built using React and Prismic. Offering customers a quick and easy way to buy LEI codes for the business.

JAMstack (Javascript, APIs, Markup) is a cutting edge technology stack allowing static sites to be generated from CMS-content. Combining the performance and security of a static site with the convenience of a CMS.

Serverless architecture allows unlimited scaling.

Website URL:

Useful Digital provided wireframing, design, build, hosting and ongoing maintenance.


  • Frontend built with Gatsby and React
  • Prismic headless CMS
  • Bespoke RESTful API for customers and orders built using Laravel Lumen
  • Payments via Stripe
  • Integrated with Rapid LEI API for issuing LEI codes
  • Integrated with OpenCorporates API for searching global company registrations
  • Hosted on AWS
  • Continuous integration with CMS and version control system allows new builds to be started automatically
Build, Design, eCommerce, Hosting
AWS, Gatsby, JAMstack, Performance Optimisation, PHP, Prismic, React, Responsive, RESTful API, SEO, Stripe